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How the platform works

Commercialization Made Simple


Upload information about your organization onto the platform.


Take our assessment to understand your market readiness, intellectual merit, ESG impact potential and investment readiness.


Receive a data intelligence reports and technical recommendations to inform and actualize your commercialization plans.


Get matched with alternative capital options to help fund your commercialization approach such as federal and state grants.

Who is GrantVEST for

A solution designed with your needs in mind.


Access resources needed to bring your research to market.


Access resources needed to scale your products and services.

What Makes Us Different

An enginefor change.

Artificial Intelligence

Our artificial intelligence engine empowers technology teams to locate and secure the necessary resources for enhanced commercialization and growth outcomes. The platform's core function is to expedite market penetration by furnishing teams with the intelligence required to guide their commercialization strategies and the capital essential for execution.

Public Sector - Private Sector
What Is Our Mission

Reimagining Impact

Driven by a deep-rooted commitment to addressing global challenges, we are on a mission to enable the commercialization of technologies that hold the potential to transform the world. Through harnessing alternative capital and data intelligence from both public and private spheres, we bridge the chasm between ideation, market penetration, and impact.