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How the platform works

Grant and match funding identification made simple.


Upload information about your organization onto the GrantVEST platform.


Discover federal, state, and private grants that meet your needs.


Access matching and follow-on funding options to meet your capital requirements.

Who is GrantVEST for

A solution designed with your needs in mind.


Access capital to start or scale your operations.

  • Startups
  • Consortia
  • Established Companies


Access capital to fund your public projects.

  • Cities
  • Counties
  • Tribal Governments


Access capital to start or scale your initiatives.

  • Universities
  • National Labs
  • Research Institutions


Access vetted deal-flow and tax credit opportunities.

  • Family Offices
  • Angels/VC Firms
  • Institutional Capital
What Makes Us Different

An enginefor change.

Grant x Investment

Our artificial intelligence engine helps organizations find grants and matching investment for their initatives. At its core, the solution is designed to decrease the time organizations spend researching while increasing their likelihood of obtaining capital resources.

What Is Our Mission

Reimagining the Capital Pipeline

We believe that the most optimal capital strategy resides at the intersection of competitive grants and private funding, this is especially true for under-resourced communities and founders. We refer to this intersection between the public and private sectors as Blended Capital. By providing the combination of grants and matching funding, GrantVEST increases success rates for applicants and decreases risk for investors.