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How the platform works

Commercialization Made Simple


Answer a series of questions to build your personalized reports.

Market Report

Receive market reports to understand trends, competitors, and customer needs.

IP Report

Receive IP reports to gain insights on patentability, licensing, and freedom to operate.


Get matched with capital and other incentives for businesses.

Who is GrantVEST for

A solution designed with your needs in mind.


Access resources needed to bring your research to market.


Access resources needed to scale your products and services.


Assess the commercial viability of the intellectual property, translational research, and business concepts from your students, faculty, and the rest of your community.

Entrepreneurship Support Organization

Assess the market and commercialization potential for ideas, products, services, and technologies developed by new and established businesses.

What Makes Us Different

An engine
for change.

Artificial Intelligence

Our platform leverages the power of generative AI to create customized reports offering deep insights into market opportunity, patentability potential, licensing opportunities, and freedom-to-operate, empowering individuals and teams to make data-driven decisions and accelerate their path to success.

Public Sector - Private Sector
What Is Our Mission

Reimagining Impact

Driven by a commitment to global impact, we empower businesses and research with the potential to transform the world. We harness alternative capital and data intelligence from both public and private spheres, accelerating the journey from ideation to market penetration and real-world impact.